Cameron Elmore

About Cameron

Cameron is an actor, writer and filmmaker in Los Angeles, Calif.


Cameron studies acting with Andrew Magarian at The Shop-Simply Acting.


Talent Agent:
Sovereign Talent Group (310) 474-4000
Concrete Entertainment (310) 860-5611

Professional Links

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The Escapades on the Comedy Central Stage with Cameron Elmore

Cameron Elmore had the privilege of performing in "The Escapades" on the Comedy Central Stage July 9.

"The Escapades" tells the story of what happens to the coolest guys in high school 10 years later. It was written by the talented Rich Talarico, Jacob Womack and Wayland McQueen and directed by Rich Talarico.

No Rhyme or Reason, episodes 1 and 2.

No Rhyme or Reason's episodes 1 and 2 are now available.

Click here for episode 1. Click here for episode 2.

Cameron plays the role of Junior McCafferty.

The Web series is about a teen-age girl, Victoria Rhymer, whose life is a constant series of mix-ups and missteps because of her eccentric family. As the title suggests, her life has "no rhyme or reason."

Trailer for No Rhyme or Reason

Watch the trailer for the upcoming show, "No Rhyme or Reason."

Cameron plays the role of Junior McCafferty in the show.

The first episode of the show will be released March 19.

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Here's another photo of Cameron on the set.

No Rhyme or Reason

Cameron Elmore on the set of No Rhyme or Reason with Alexa Teichgraeber. This Web series premieres this month.